PGRs Research Presentations – April 2013

The April’s PGRs Research Presentations was held on Wed. 10th April, 2pm, Meeting Room, MC3108 (3rd floor).

In this session we had the following presentations:

Title: “Analysis of Wing Beat Frequency using Computer Vision Techniques“.

By: John Atanbori

Abstract:Computer vision techniques have been used extensively to automatically monitor human activities; however applications for analysing animal behaviour are sparse. The analysis of bat behaviour in particular has attracted only one or two studies. Most existing work uses either expensive thermal imaging equipment, or bespoke sensors which are not accessible to field researchers, ecologists, and scientists studying behaviour. The work we present here uses spectral analysis techniques to quantify wing beat frequency, using a single imaging device in low-light. We then propose two improved techniques based on bounded box metrics and similarity matrices for measuring periodic and cyclical motion as a 1D time domain signal and transforming them to the frequency domain using Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT). Finally we evaluate these techniques against a baseline algorithm proposed by Cutler and Davis, using expert-annotated ground-truth data.  

The Q/A was followed by a meeting discussing various aspects, including the available PG courses (from the Graduate School and others), PG week, PG Conference, potential PG Showcase Event,……etc.