PGRs Research Presentations – May 2013

The May’s PGRs Research Presentations was held on Wed. 8th May, 2pm, Meeting Room, MC3108 (3rd floor).

This session we had the following presentations:

Title: “Automatic Phonetization of Holy Quran Text to build Arabic phonetic corpus“. Title:   “Understanding the correlation between the personalities of video game players and the decisions they make in a game environment; using action analysis and personal temperament profiling techniques to expand game design theory.

By: Belal Al-Daradkah

By: Samuel Battye

Abstract:The large vocabulary phonetic corpus is an essential component of speech processing application. This research is to build an Arabic phonetic corpus from the Holy Quran text. This will be the base of developing Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition (LVSR) . The corpus will be built on a phonetic dictionary generated automatically by using Arabic pronunciation rules of Arabic language and Tajweed rules. Abstract: As more people become video game players, due to the vast expanse of the gaming industry, there are more player personalities than ever in the gaming environment. Different kinds of players often conflict with one another in multiplayer environments as diverse and varied play-styles emerge. Using temperament profiling techniques, game design theory and a player decision oriented game, this project looks at understanding how these vast ranges of personalities interact, and how innovative game design can be used to create games that accommodate as many different kinds of video game players as possible, while increasing a user’s enjoyment by reducing player to player conflict.

The Q/A was followed by a brief cath-up meeting with update on the latest procedures.