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This page summarises all the relevant forms and pointers to engage with the PGR processes

Important Dates

See the SoCS PGR Calendar (this can also be imported into your own Google or Outlook calendar by importing this URL), listing all important deadlines and events.

The PGR journey (forms and more)

  • For internal use, you provide a number of examples of filled forms to inform students about good practice when filling forms in the PGR process. This area is password protected, ask Nic for the password, or attend an induction, or ask an experience PGR fellow.
  • Any forms to the SoCS PGR Progression Panel need to be submitted by email to the admin team at Signatures need to either be embedded images or typed (with clear email trail, always including Director of Study in cc:).
  • Somewhat dated Presentation by Marc on PGR procedures, but still has some relevant content.

Doctoral School


Admission Process

Here is a quick overview of the admission process for PGR students. This information is mostly for supervisors

If a supervisor has a studentship to offer then they need to fill in the on-line Notification of Studentship form It will ask you to insert a reference this can be a made up reference for example CSPB01 (Computer Science, Paul Baxter 01).  This reference will need to be inserted into the PGR Decision form so please make a note of it.

  1. Student applies on-line
  2. Application received by admissions who send out to the relevant PGR in boxes (current Dr Faraz Janan receives them)
  3. Faraz sends the application round the school or to an identified supervisor if the supervisor has informed Faraz to look out for a particular application.
  4. Two options:
    1. If it is an open application without an identified supervisor Faraz asks for responses within 2 weeks if anyone interested and then he asks the academic to make contact with the student. This can take a further 2 weeks because of contacting and interviewing the student. If the academic is happy then they should fill in the PGR Decision form and submit it to Nic. After being approved by PGR lead or Head of School the form is scanned and sent onto Student Admin for them to send out an offer letter.
    2. If the academic is already identified then they need to fill in the PGR Decision form and then submit to Nic as outlined above.
  5. If conditions are to be met Student Admin office can make a full offer to a student (language requirements, references) this can take a bit of time.
  6. Once all conditions have been met then they get their offer letter telling them all their conditions and how to accept the offer.
  7. Soon after that they will get an email telling them how to log on and confirm their details and then they will be able to enrol.

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