PGR meeting and Research Presentations – November 2016

The monthly PGR meeting was held at Room MC3108 at 14:00 on Wednesday, 9th November.

We had 1 speaker for this month seminar:

Speaker: Francesco Caliva

Title: Extraction of the retinal vascular trees

Abstract: The retina is a non-invasive access point to the vascular network, and several studies have shown that systemic (and local) disorders can affect blood vessels geometry and alter haemodynamic conditions within. Fundus photography is the gold standard screening technique of the retina. Therefore fundus images are employed in our research. This talk will present the subject of our research, which aims at identifying the retinal vascular trees and differentiate them as arterial and venous.


This was followed by discussions regarding the PGR studies in the School, organised by Dr Marc Hanheide.


The next seminar will be held in December. The date and venue for the next meeting will be announced.