Farewell and Thank You

At the end of the March’s meeting, we had a Farewell and Thank You for previous “PGRs Students Reps” and PGRs who have been helping in various activities, including Reading Group, trips, coffee mornings, and the showcase.



  • PGRs Representatives:

–1st Students Rep:  Touseef Quraishi

2nd Students Reps:

  • Christian
  • Mohammadreza.



PGRs who have been helping:

(George; showcase events & reading group – Saddam; Showcase Events & support PGRs meeting – Francesco; trips & showcase – Ibrahim; trips & showcase – Christian; regular presentations & reading group – Talal; Reading group – Hussein; showcase)



Thanks to all, and best wishes for the years to come.


PGRs meeting and Research Presentations – March. 2016

The monthly PGRs Research Presentations was held on Wed. 9th March, 2pm, Room MC3108.

This session we had the following presentations:

Title: Facilitating Individualised Collaboration with Robots (FInCoR).

By: Peter Lightbody


  1. Speaker –>
  2. Break & refreshments
  3. Farewell & Thank you to previous PGRs Student Reps and those who have been actively helping & supporting the PGRs activities & community.
  4. Brief about the responsibilities and benefits of being a PGR Student Rep.      
  5. Reps Election. (By SU Rep.)
  6. Announcements, AOB, & closing


Abstract: Enabling a robot to seamlessly collaborate with a human counterpart requires a robot to not only identify human preferences, but also to adapt in order to decrease the likelihood of distress and discomfort for the human collaborator. This work presents the use of qualitative spacial relations, combined with hidden Markov models, to identify and learn the unique characteristics inherent in the way a person performs a task. By doing this in real-time, a collaborative robot will be able to adapt it’s behaviour in order to best accommodate the person intuitive way of performing a task.