PGRs meeting and Research Presentations – Jan. 2015

The monthly PGRs Research Presentations was held on Wed. 14th January, 2pm, Room MC3108.

This session we had the following presentations:

Title: “Automatic Phonetization and segmentation of Arabic Text and Speech“.

By: Belal Al-Daradkah

Abstract: The large vocabulary phonetic corpus is an essential component of speech processing application.The research aims to generate an Arabic phonetic corpus based on Quran text. The corpus will be built using an automatic implemented pronunciation dictionary.

We developed the phonetic dictionary automatically by applying Arabic pronunciation rules and Tajweed rules, and converting Grapheme to Phoneme.

This will be the base of developing Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition (LVSR) .

  • Then our usual catch-up & Refresh on the PGRs activities, procedures, and upcoming events.